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This morning, we asked some of our friends on Twitter and Facebook this question: “What are the qualities that make a good activist?” Almost 70 of you commented on Facebook and nearly 50 tweeted us your answers on Twitter. Here’s a sample of our favorite responses:

Tamtam Finn: a good activist should be able to inspire other people, should believe in every word he says and should really love what he’s doing. in this case he’ll be very loyal to the idea.

@RuthAnslow: what makes a good activist is a stubborn refusal to accept how it is!

Buffi Owens: Not backing away or giving up when the going gets tough, when the wall of opposition seems insurmountable – keeping up the good fight.

Troy Lucas: Persistence and not being afraid to speak publicly, even when others don’t care to hear what is being said.

Jim Cieri: Selflessness, putting us before me (and us is everyone).

@inigondan: persistence persistence persistence and more persistence

@andeans: “reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.”-Gibran

Julia Maganini: Good men or women who are not afraid to stand against evil and wrongdoing in the world. Men or women who, in the face of all odds, fights just because it’s right.

@EricMayle: an activist is someone who is forever burdened by humanity’s inability to catch up with its potential.

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