We need your help in the fight against AIDS

For the past 15 years, ONE members have proved their dedication to combating HIV/AIDS time and again. In that time, deaths and new infections have been cut in half, and the cost of lifesaving HIV medication has been reduced drastically – from $10,000 a year to just $75 – making it possible to help millions more people. That’s a lot of progress!

Much of this progress has happened thanks to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The Global Fund has helped save tens of millions of lives and is one of the most effective health organizations in the world. To this day, they continue to drive life-saving resources into the health sectors of low-income countries.

So, what’s the problem? All of this progress has led to complacency. It’s easy to forget that AIDS is still a crisis.

Over 2,500 people die from HIV/AIDS every single day, and for the 1,000 young women in sub-Saharan Africa who will be infected with HIV today, this is an especially urgent situation, even if it’s no longer in the news or political spotlight.

During his campaign, President Trump said he would support US leadership in the fight against AIDS. He said America would “lead the way” in this crucial fight.

But the White House hasn’t lived up to the President’s words. In fact, the White House has proposed budget cuts to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Global Fund twice. Cutting these programs essentially surrenders the fight against AIDS and undoes much of the incredible progress we’ve made. Instead of cutting our investment in the Global Fund, it is essential that we make sure the program gets the funding it needs.

There’s three stages in securing this funding:

First, we need to get the White House to fulfil President Trump’s campaign commitment. That means getting the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo — whose budget controls funding for the global AIDS fight — to propose a budget for 2020 that includes full funding for the Global Fund.

Second, we need to make sure Congress does its part and appropriates enough money for the Global Fund so the White House can make a full pledge.

And third, we need to make sure President Trump sends someone to the Global Fund replenishment conference in France in October 2019 and makes a full, multi-year pledge. The President should continue the tradition of investing one dollar for every two dollars pledged by other donors.

AIDS is supposed to be a disease of the past, but it isn’t. We’re at a critical moment. The Global Fund replenishment in October 2019 may seem like a long time away, but we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. It’s an opportunity that we cannot lose, and you can help make sure we don’t. To win the fight against AIDS, we need you. Yes, YOU!

We’ve seen it time and again: ONE members make incredible things happen. You in? Sign up to become a ONE member to join us in the fight against AIDS!

If you’re feeling eager to make a difference now, learning the facts and figures is a great place to start. You can do that by taking this short quiz on why AIDS is still a crisis.


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