We need you to write a letter to your senators

We need you to write a letter to your senators

Thank you for signing our letter on girls’ education. We will be delivering that letter — with your name on it — directly to all 100 senators on March 8. But along with it, we also want to deliver 5,000 handwritten letters from members like you. Can you help us?

We’re trying to ensure that the U.S. international affairs budget is fully funded, because when we invest our development dollars in women and girls, we will lift everyone out of poverty more quickly. The facts don’t lie:

  • There are currently 130 million girls around the world who are not in school.
  • Because they didn’t get the nutrition they needed as babies, nearly 160 million children globally are suffering from permanent physical and brain damage.
  • In 2015, 77% of pregnant women living with HIV globally received treatment to prevent transmission of the virus to their babies, up from 50% in 2010.
  • Women living in the poorest countries are 31% less likely than men to be connected to the internet.

We know that poverty hits women harder than men, and that preventing girls and women from reaching their full potential holds everybody back. (Conversely, when you lift up women and girls, you raise men and boys up, too!) The fight against extreme poverty is tied to the fight for gender equality.

This is SO important — and that’s why we need YOU to tell that to your senators. Communicating directly and personally with your elected officials really does work!

The letters will need to reach the ONE office in Washington D.C. before February 17, so we don’t have much time. 5,000 handwritten letters might seem like an ambitious goal. And it is. But ONE members are an ambitious bunch — and we know you have to be to change the world.

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Not sure what to write? We’ve got a template to help — but you should feel free to add a note of personal experience. Talk about why these issues are so important to you, and ask them for a specific action: Please support a fully funded international affairs budget, so that girls everywhere can go to school, be healthy, and lead productive lives. Don’t forget to thank them for reading your letter and that you look forward to their reply!

THANK YOU for taking action with us. For more information on where to send your letters, a sample letter to reference, and further instructions, click here.


Join the fight against extreme poverty

Join the fight against extreme poverty

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