Want to jump in the White House bounce house? Meet up with the ONE Vote caravan!
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Want to jump in the White House bounce house? Meet up with the ONE Vote caravan!


Join the fight against extreme poverty

Starting at the party conventions and running throughout the election, the ONE Vote ’16 caravan will be a literal vehicle for change, reminding Americans that we can be the generation to put an end to extreme poverty.


Across 18 battleground and other politically strategic states, the caravan will mobilize visitors to insist that our next president have a plan to eliminate extreme poverty and preventable diseases, like HIV/AIDS. Stopping at town halls, debates, college campuses, and festivals, this interactive experience will bring Americans to the front lines of the anti-poverty fight. It will educate participants about the issues, equip them with tools to use their voices, and broadcast the message that the world’s poorest people cannot be left out of the conversation this election season.

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At each ONE Vote ’16 caravan stop, you’ll find…

• A virtual reality experience where participants will use incredible technology to see a day in the life of a young girl in rural Tanzania

• A photo booth where participants can snap a selfie, post to social media, and ask their friends to help spread ONE Vote’s message

• An “action hub” where participants can craft a message to send to the local and presidential candidates

• The White House bounce house! This attraction is getting a lot of attention from visitors and journalists alike. …But just as the next president needs a plan to end extreme poverty in order to enter the White House, we’ll need to hear your plan before you’re allowed inside!


The cross-country tour will be enlightening and fun—and you never know what insiders and personalities might make an appearance at a caravan stop! Plus, our ONE Vote ’16 news crew will be broadcasting live from the events on social media, as well as conducting “man on the street” interviews for our blog. Mark your calendar for the dates below (subject to change) and join us for the ONE Vote ’16 caravan!
Ann Arbor, MI – September 13
Akron, OH – September 16
New York City, NY – September 22 and 24
Long Island, NY – September 26 and 27
Nashville, TN – October 7
Saint Louis, MO – October 9
Des Moines, IA – October 11
Denver, CO – October 14
Las Vegas, NV – October 19
Dallas, TX – October 24 or 25
New Orleans, LA – October 27
Tampa, FL – November 2-4
Orlando, FL – November 5
Miami, FL – November 7

Join in: Follow us on Twitter to keep up with the caravan’s progress across the country!

ONE Vote ’16 is a project of ONE Action.

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