7 Valentine’s Day gifts for your favorite activist

7 Valentine’s Day gifts for your favorite activist


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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! This year, leave the chocolates and roses behind and get your special someone — or your girl squad! — an ethically-made gift that makes a positive impact in Africa. We handpicked our favorite gifts from the ONE store below:

1. Dipped Ribbon Necklace

For us, these handmade necklaces were love at first sight. Not only do they have a fun, earthy-chic vibe, but they’re made by our friends at 31Bits, so their proceeds help provide sustainable wages to the female artisans in Uganda who hand-craft them!

2. Daphne Bracelets

These light and bright beauties come in a few colors that you can mix and match to your heart’s desire! They’re also made by 31Bits, so they pair perfectly with our Dipped Ribbon Necklace, and come with the added bonus of benefitting women in Uganda — that’s what we call a sweet deal.

3. ONE Campaign T-Shirt

What’s not to love about this activist staple? Brought to you in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, each one is made from 100% fair trade cotton.

4. FEED 10 Bag

Our FEED 10 Bags are a great go-to for running errands, toting around daily essentials — or for collecting valentines of your own! Each purchase provides 10 school meals to young children all over the world.

5. ONE Moleskine Notebooks

These Moleskine notebooks were custom-made, just for us. Each one features a ONE logo and “Actions. Speak. Louder.” on the front, and comes with a bookmark and expandable inner pocket.

6. ONE Beaded Bracelet

We first teamed up with Relate to make these exclusive beaded bracelets a few years ago, and they’ve truly become our perfect match! Each one is handmade in South Africa by Relate, a non-profit social enterprise that provides dignity and hope for artisans through their employment projects.

7. Girls Count Sticker

These stickers are a great addition to any valentine — give one to your loved one, or keep one for yourself to show the world that you’re a girls’ education activist!

Valentine’s Day is just once a year, but you can give meaningful gifts anytime! Check out the ONE store for more socially-conscious gifts fit for Cupid himself.

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