Spending World Water Day with ‘Sesame Street’s’ Raya
Water and Sanitation

Spending World Water Day with ‘Sesame Street’s’ Raya


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We all know today is World Water Day… but it also happens to be the birthday of a very special 6-year-old named Raya.


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Raya is one of the newer residents of Sesame Street! She was introduced to the show in Bangladesh, India, and Nigeria in March 2014 as part of the Sesame Workshop’s “Cleaner, Healthier, Happier” campaign, a team-up of World Vision and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She’s super passionate about water, sanitation, and teaching kids about staying clean and healthy. In honor of her birthday, we got to sit down with Raya for a chat! Check it out:

Raya, thanks so much for talking with us on World Water Day. We understand this is also a very special day… your birthday! Do you have any birthday plans?
Why thank you! I looooove my birthday. It’s the best day because it also happens to be World Water Day—what a lucky coincidence! Elmo and I are going to have a swimming play-date. I’ll be sure to wear my sandals to the pool.

We love your sandals! Are they important to you?
Well thank you. I’m very fond of them. My sandals aren’t just fashion-forward, they help keep me healthy. I don’t go anywhere without them.

That’s great! Why do you think hygiene is so important?
Hygiene is a big word, but I know that it’s really important to stay clean. Being clean makes me happy and it’s also how I stay healthy.

TM and © 2015 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved.

TM and © 2015 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved.

What are some easy ways to stay clean?
Well, for starters, I always wear my sandals to the toilet. That helps keep my feet safe from germs—which could make me sick. And when I’m done using the toilet, I always wash my hands with soap and water. I sing a little song to myself while I’m washing, and when I’m finished, my hands are nice and clean.

Love it! What does Elmo think about your passion for hand washing and sanitation?
Elmo is like a hand washing superhero. He knows how important it is and loves to tell all his friends about it too. It’s like we’re working hand-in-glove together…haha…get it?…hand-in-glove. I just crack myself up sometimes.

Raya says it’s especially important for girls to have access to clean water, and we couldn’t agree more! Join ONE as we #StandWithEva and ask the Tanzanian government to provide clean water and other essential services for Eva, young girls like her, and her community!

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