Show your ❤ for Africa

Show your ❤ for Africa


Join the fight against extreme poverty


Last year, we got unbelievably close to getting a bill passed in Congress that would have transformed the lives of millions of people in Africa. How? By making sure they had access to electricity for the very first time.

But close isn’t good enough.

We’ve already started talking to members of Congress about introducing a new bill. But we need to show them just how much public support there is for a new push.

Send a message straight to your members of Congress and tell them to introduce this bill right away.

You worked too hard on this last year (your calls, your messages, your tweets) to just let it go. And we don’t want to let the momentum we had just disappear. So let’s show them just how much we care – and that we want them to act now.

Energy Poverty

Let’s help African business owners create more jobs. Hospitals keep patients safe. Kids study once the sun goes down.

Tell Congress it’s time to electrify Africa.

Thanks for keeping up the great work.

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