Prayer for Everyone: Faith in action to share the Global Goals!

Prayer for Everyone: Faith in action to share the Global Goals!


Join the fight against extreme poverty


At ONE, we believe everyone has a role in solving poverty and inequality. From government to the private sector to our member activists and beyond, everyone and every community brings a unique strength that, when combined, creates an unstoppable force for tackling the most intractable issues of our time!

One of the most effective and important communities in the fight against extreme poverty is the faith community. People of faith have always been at the forefront of social justice issues—people like Dorothy Day, Mahatma Gandhi, and Frederick Douglass, just to name a few.

That’s why ONE, along with Project Everyone and our partners in the action/2015 coalition, is launching Prayer for Everyone, a worldwide week of prayer and action to engage people of faith to share the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development with their communities. The Global Goals could eliminate extreme poverty by 2030, but to do that, people around the world have to know about them.


The issues addressed by the Global Goals are central to all religious and spiritual traditions, which are the shared expressions of our humanity:

  • The right to live a life of dignity, free from hunger and disease
  • The right of all people to live to their fullest human potential, in safety and well-being
  • Protection of the integrity of creation and our resources for current and future generations
  • The shared responsibility to work together so that our expressions of faith contribute to more sustainable development for the whole planet

Faith communities have the power to tell their communities, and the world, about the Goals and make them a success. And YOU can help raise awareness and mobilize your own community to take action.

Offer your #PrayerforEveryone September 24 through October 1 and tell everyone about the world you hope to see in 2030!

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