Poverty-fighting pledges: building an army for action

Poverty-fighting pledges: building an army for action

You’ve heard a lot from us lately about why 2015 is such an important year. Thousands of you have heard us loud and clear and have already raised your voice to #demandbetter. Now you might be asking yourself what more you can do to truly take part in this pivotal time.


Our 2015 kick-off on January 15th was a huge success and a great way to introduce the world to the work that lies ahead this year. But 2015 isn’t just about one moment, one campaign, one action… it’s not even about this one year. While key decisions will be made by world leaders throughout 2015, these decisions will need to financed and followed for years to come in order for us to forge ahead and eliminate extreme poverty once and for all.

So how do we make sure these powerful decision-makers keep their promises? We need to show them that the whole world is watching.

ONE’s field team and volunteers are working to do just that by building an army of folks—one poverty-fighting pledge card at a time—who will be ready to mobilize around key moments and step up to hold their elected leaders accountable.

Our volunteer leaders around the country have been hosting “Advocacy in Action” events, where the importance of the year is discussed, and these nifty pledge cards are distributed. Volunteers are asked to do more than just fill out their own pledge cards—we’re asking them to spread the word to their friends and families by asking them to fill out a pledge card as well.


So how do these pledge cards work? It’s simple: you enter you contact information, and check off a few (or all) of the listed actions that you’re willing to complete throughout the year. These include:

1) Recruiting 5 or more ONE members to sign up at ONE.org

2) Joining ONE’s local volunteer team

3) Bringing ONE friend to ONE’s next local event

4) Calling my member of Congress’s office when needed

5) Speaking with a local place of worship about ONE’s work

6) Writing to my member of Congress when needed

7) Joining other ONE volunteers for a petition delivery at my member of Congress’s office

The information we collect from these cards tell us who is ready to go when it’s time for action, and our local leaders can be in touch to involve you in the action. And the timing couldn’t be better—there will be opportunities for action around the budget and energy poverty in the coming weeks. Collectively, we can make this the year that we put the end of extreme poverty in sight.

Will you pledge to help us build a better world? To learn more about our Poverty-Fighting Pledge Cards and get connected with your local volunteer team, email us at [email protected]

If you would like to take on a more powerful role in this effort, we are always looking for leaders—Congressional District Leaders, Faith Leaders, Campus Leaders—to take on critical posts around the country, help us organize in key areas, and join our core leadership team. Shoot us a note at the email above for more details.


Join the fight against extreme poverty


Join the fight against extreme poverty

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