Meet the ONE Members – and learn why they care about extreme poverty

The ONE Campaign is now 9 MILLION members strong!

Our brilliant members take the mission to end extreme poverty seriously – and it shows. Through volunteering and organizing, our members have proven how committed they are to making the world a better place.

So, why do they do it? Check out this video with their thoughts:

No matter where they come from or what lead them to join ONE, these members are united in their desire to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases across Africa. Here’s more about why they became involved.


Our Nigeria director, Serah, sees advocacy as vital to all people. She wants to give people a voice so that they can make a difference, be it in her home country of Nigeria, the United States, or anywhere else in the world:

“We’re being responsible for making a change,” says Serah. “Advocates make the change in this world … So, advocates really are everything.”


Sage, a current student at Brandeis University, has big plans for her future after graduation. When she’s not studying public health (she hopes to work in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and eradication), Sage is recruiting students on her campus for ONE. She believes in the power of young people, both on her campus and beyond:

“Young people have a huge voice …  It’s really important that we take a stand early and we have our voices loud and also learn. Learn how to advocate for ourselves. Learn how to express our feelings and our ideals, and I think that’s super important for the future and us together.”


When Jeenan started her ONE Campus chapter at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, she may not have expected the chapter to grow to more than 150 members. Before joining ONE, she was part of Plan Canada, where she also advocated for girls’ education. Her engagement with other students speaks volumes about how much she cares about education.

“Education, I believe, is the best strategy to break the cycle of poverty. And giving girls access to education opens so many doors for them. They can get jobs to empower their families, their communities, and their whole countries!”


After returning from a volunteer program in Kenya, Mary found difficulty finding a community in the UK who cared about the same issues as her. As a ONE Youth Ambassador, she’s able to interact with passionate people who care about equality as much as she does:

“I’d like everyone to be able to have equal opportunities, no matter if they’re living in poverty or they live in sub-Saharan Africa or they come from a different race or different genders. I really think everyone should be on a level playing field and that we should all have the same opportunities in life.”


Constantine, from Germany, believes in the power of voice within a democracy. According to him, a democracy cannot function without citizens taking an active role and using their voices to make change happens.

“A voice can be powerful in two ways, I think. Being loud, not in volume, but being always present, being influential, meeting the right people — and on the other hand side, the quality of the voice … If there’s a good balance between being present in the media, being present with your friends, and having good arguments and a good message and a good framing, that’s a powerful voice for me.”


Preslov, a ONE Youth Ambassador in Belgium, had his own misconceptions about poverty before joining ONE. After learning more about the drivers of poverty and the impact of humanitarian aid, he realized that ending poverty helps the whole world. Now, he wants to encourage his fellow members to never give up the fight against extreme poverty, even if solutions happen slowly.

“My message of encouragement for any ONE ambassadors across the world would be to keep on the good work because even if we don’t see it today, or tomorrow, our work makes a difference because it makes global leaders do change and this change is for good.”

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Join the fight against extreme poverty


Join the fight against extreme poverty

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