We’re officially 9 million members strong
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We’re officially 9 million members strong


Join the fight against extreme poverty

It’s no secret that our members do incredible work!

They are committed to ending extreme poverty, supporting girls and women, growing communities, empowering youth and making the world better for everyone. They’ve spent countless hours writing letters, signing petitions, recording videos, meeting world leaders, and showing their commitment to creating a bright future.

We currently have over 9.6 million members. If all our members were to make a country, it would have one of the top 100 largest national populations in the world! When that many people unite under one cause big change is bound to happen.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate some of their fantastic accomplishments:

1. You killed it in 2017

From meeting with leaders across the globe to standing up for girls’ education, our members made huge waves last year. Members took over 2 million actions and contributed nearly 750,000 signatures towards funding education.

2. You protected funding for lifesaving programs

World leaders are certainly aware of ONE’s dedication to secure funding for various programs.

In the United States, members stood up to protect foreign aid when it was under threat. They sent thousands of letters and made hundreds of calls to prevent foreign assistance from being cut by one-third. Their work paid off immensely: the 2018 budget will ensure that life-saving accounts continue for another year.

In Europe, the 2018 EU aid budget was finalized with mixed results. EU’s external funds were cut by 8% from 2017. Despite this hit, funding education, health, nutrition, and humanitarian aid were all increased, thanks to emails, meetings, and posters from European members and Youth Ambassadors.

3. You told the world that #GirlsCount

More than 130 million girls are not in school. Our members understand the necessity of education to end extreme poverty, and they made their voices heard. We asked them to tell the world why #GirlsCount, and they became part of more than 30,000 people who stood up for girls’ education. That’s over 39 hours of #GirlsCount footage!

4. In the U.S., you made legislation become reality

Turning a proposed act into a full law is no small feat, but no task is too great for our members. U.S. members took to Capitol Hill, demanded meetings with their representatives, made calls, wrote letters, and signed petitions to make these acts become laws. Here are a few examples:

  • The Reinforcing Education Accountability in Development Act aimed to provide access to 263 million children globally. Thanks to their efforts, the READ Act became law in September 2017.
  • The Electrify Africa Act will provide first-time energy access to at least 50 million people by 2020. Increased access to electricity will positively impact healthcare, economic growth, clean energy, education, and safety across sub-Saharan Africa. The act officially passed in February 2016.

Thank you to all our members for all the hard work you put in! We look forward to seeing what amazing things you’ll do next.

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