Must-watch videos to celebrate the signing of Electrify Africa!

Must-watch videos to celebrate the signing of Electrify Africa!


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One of the many reasons we wanted to shed light on energy poverty was to help raise awareness around the Electrify Africa Act—a vital piece of legislation that passed the House on February 1 and was signed by President Obama yesterday! We couldn’t be happier about this news!

Last November, Seeker Network and Discovery Digital Networks partnered with us to educate Americans about energy poverty.

In the short-form documentary, How Africa is Hacking its Energy Crisis, journalist Laura Ling reported on the impact of energy poverty and how it can cripple all levels of society:

Why the Energy Crisis Discriminates Against Girls shows how living without electricity forces families to spend more time on household chores and tasks, leaving little or no time for school for women and young girls, especially.

In Going to the Movies in a Village with No Power, viewers are invited to see a slice-of-life story as members of a Tanzanian community gather at their local cinema, which is powered by a single generator.

And in the animated original, What is Energy Poverty?, you can get a brief look at how cell phones are changing life in Africa—and why charging them is still a problem.

Thanks to our members for taking action, to Seeker Network for joining us in raising awareness, and to the members of Congress who helped make it happen!

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