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What you need to know about Global Goal #5 – Gender Equality

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In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 global goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality, and change the world for the better. Guided by these goals, it is now up to all of us – governments, businesses, civil society, and the general public – to work together to build a better future for everyone.

Global Goal #5 is a gender equality. No matter how you cut it – socially, economically, legally, politically – girls and women in the poorest countries get a raw deal. By denying women equal rights, we deny half the population a fair chance at life. Simply put, Poverty is Sexist, and we won’t stop until girls and women everywhere are able to reach their full potential.

This goal is for the girls who are denied an education or forced into marriage. The mothers who risk death when giving life. The farmers prevented from owning the land they tend.

Goal #5 has 9 targets to achieve, such as reforms that will give women equal rights to economic resources. Access to ownership and control over land and other forms of property, financial services, inheritance, and natural resources is also part of this goal.

Achieving equality for girls and women in the poorest countries would also help end extreme poverty. In fact, if all gender gaps in work and society were closed, it would boost the global economy by an incredible US $28 trillion.

When women rise out of poverty, they are more likely to take their families, communities, and even whole countries with them.

We must create a world where all people have the ability to live the lives they want to live. After all, none of us are equal until all of us are equal.

Learn more about Global Goal #5 here.

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