7 films by girls who are passionate about education

7 films by girls who are passionate about education

More than 130 million girls weren’t given the chance to go to school today. That’s why people around the world are adding their voices to the #GirlsCount campaign to tell our elected officials that they need to make girls’ education a priority.

Girls’ Voices shares in our passion to educate girls around the world. Their organization believes that “when a girl stays in school, she has the power to transform lives, families, and communities.” Through digital media training, they’re empowering girls around the world to learn how to tell their own stories through film and lead the charge in the fight for education. Their endurance and dedication reminds us that everyone deserves the chance to go to school, share their experiences, and change the fate of global education.

See for yourself: Through film, these seven incredible girls show the obstacles they face in completing their education and their ambition to overcome them.

1. Salu, Nepal
In addition to going to school, Salu spends her time doing chores and helping with her father’s tea shop to support her family. “No Time to Study” highlights the struggle for education in the face of poverty.

2. Priya, India
Harassment and discrimination can prevent girls from pursuing their education, but community support can change that. Priya hopes that her film, “Safety Net,” will show the power of community and “make the people think differently about their behavior and actions.”

3. Imelda, Guatemala
Imelda, who dreams of becoming a nurse, travels a great distance every day to continue her education while also doing chores to help her family. Her film, “How I Struggle in My Life,” encourages girls around the world to pursue an education, despite the challenges they face.

4. Marie, Bonaire
Marie believes that “A prejudiced society places a lot of limitations on girls, like making them believe they can’t pursue engineering.” She works to break these prejudices through job fairs, partnerships with vocational schools, and promotional videos like “More Girls in Engineering.”

5. Walaa, Jordan
Walaa sees the difficulties faced by Syrian children and hopes to inspire them with “The Changing Element.” She hopes encourage children to continue their education and build a brighter future, showing that anyone can be their own advocate for change.

6. Cheri, Haiti
After a devastating earthquake in 2010, Cheri was unable to attend school. Today, Cheri takes great pride in being the oldest student in her elementary school. Her film, “School and Family,” celebrates her fight to attend school, allowing her to someday become the first person in her family to graduate.

7. Rose, USA
Rose lives in a community where half of the girls do not graduate high school, and she plans to break that statistic. Her mother, who did not graduate, expresses support for her daughter’s dreams and encourages her education in “My Mom’s Hopes for Me.”

Despite the challenges in their way, these girls are being empowered to take control of the discussion on education and show the importance of school through their own valuable perspectives.


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