3 dads who are fighting to give their children a better future

3 dads who are fighting to give their children a better future


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These fathers and their families have come up against extreme challenges. No matter what hardships they’ve faced though, they are working hard to create a bright future – not just for their children, but for all the children in their communities.

Samuel Oduor Wangowe

When Samuel’s nine-month-old son, Derrick, suddenly became sick, Samuel knew right away what was happening. Unfortunately, this father knows first-hand that recognizing the symptoms of malaria isn’t always enough to stop the disease. After losing his son to malaria, Samuel is dedicated to teaching communities about malaria and how to prevent it. “I think Carl represents the future,” he says, “not just for my family, but for my community, and other communities across Africa.”

John Sirengo

John lives a busy life. In order to support his seven children, he takes on the many roles of farmer, livestock seller, businessman, and banker in addition to being a father. He also helps other farmers in his communities. Despite having a lot of people rely on him, he always rises to the challenge. His hard work ensures that his children have the food, clothing, and education they need.


Ziad and his family face many challenges as Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Of all the obstacles to overcome, Ziad prioritizes one above else: ensuring his children receive an education. That’s why, after his son was unable to attend school, he decided to teach lessons from his tent. He has become a teacher to the children in his settlement, and he takes that responsibility seriously. “The importance is not just teaching subjects, but teaching hope,” he says. “If you don’t give children hope, it’s the same as losing a whole generation, because this is all they have. The future is all they have.”

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