This church has an unexpected and powerful tradition

This church has an unexpected and powerful tradition


Join the fight against extreme poverty

This post was written by Scoggins Berg

September 5 is International Day of Charity. A day dedicated by the UN to remind us of the contributions we can bring to the world through volunteering and giving back to our communities. This December, congregations around the country will have the opportunity to take a stand in the fight against AIDS. No one knows the value of taking a stand better than ONE members of Morgantown Community Church located in central Kentucky.

For the past three years, this community led by Pastor Josh has used their voices to make an impact in the fight against extreme poverty. From participating in lobby days on Capitol Hill to hand-delivering letters in their local congressional office, each action taken by members of the Morgantown Community Church gives back to the global community in a big way. They told Congress to pass the BUILD Act — because the best tool for fighting poverty is a job; and the congregation helped #DefendAID from large cuts in the 2018 US Budget by contributing to the 43,000 letters, cards, and emails sent by ONE members to Congress. This faith community not only prays for those in need of help, but takes tangible action too!

And this December on World AIDS Day, they plan to take action again. It’s one of the busiest seasons for communities of faith across America, but Morgantown Community Church will be writing letters to Congress, urging them to fully support foreign aid programs that fight HIV/AIDS, including the Global Fund and PEPFAR. Seasoned letter writers know to have their pencils sharp and ready, but Pastor Josh will also be explaining the impact these letters can have to other members of the congregation. Through participation at the 2018 Power Summit, he has seen firsthand how a letter can convince local politicians to co-sponsor a piece of life-saving legislation.

Morgantown Church is just one example of the many congregations across America who will be taking action on World AIDS Day 2018. Imagine the impact of multiple faith communities coming together in a commitment to make the world a better place. You can join this effort by mobilizing your congregation in the fight against AIDS.

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