Check out ONE’s top 5 Instagram photos from January!

Check out ONE’s top 5 Instagram photos from January!

In January, we began sharing some of our favorite photos from past trips to Africa on ONE’s Instagram account. Here are our most popular posts of the month!

1. How could you NOT love this photo?! This came in first place at 629 likes!


Photo credit: Morgana Wingard

Monrovia, Liberia – JUNE 16, 2012: Annie and John are part of a Feed the Future training program in Nimba in eastern Liberia. The program is teaching their community of farmers how to improve production and decrease environmental impacts.

Traditionally, farmers in this community used slash and burn techniques, which created cluttered farm plots with minimal productivity that only lasted for a year or two. These new techniques will enable farmers to continue to farm the same land for several years by rotating the crops and better utilizing the soil by planting in rows. In the lowlands, they are learning how to make rice patties to grow rice in more consentrated areas. The farmers are taking their acquired knowledge at the community farm and applying it their own farms and teaching their children so they will produce better yields. (Photo by Morgana Wingard)


2. Taking second place with 521 likes are these adorable twins and their mom!


Photo credit: Morgana Wingard

ONE’s Ginny Wolfe writes, “While visiting in the children’s ward of the hospital, we were introduced to a young mom and her baby twins. Their story is proof of both an incredible success and an unfortunate reality of being a child in sub-Saharan Africa.

A few months back, the mom brought her twins to the hospital because one of them was sick with high fever and way-too-fast heartbeat. In some clinical facilities, medical personnel would not have had the resources to determine the reason for the little’ girl’s illness. But, because CDC, PATH, and others had invested in the adjacent clinical research center, which has state-of-the art lab facilities and the resident experience and knowledge of world-class physicians, it was soon determined that the child had deadly salmonella virus coursing through her bloodstream. Worse, it was also found to be feeding itself in her spinal fluid, which had led to salmonella meningitis.

She immediately began to receive the appropriate treatments and made a full recovery. In the meantime, her twin sister was also tested as a precaution, since the mother was breastfeeding. The baby had some spike of fever, but none of the more serious symptoms and because her treatment began early she never developed meningitis. Even one or two years ago, it is not unlikely that both baby girls would not have lived.

Two baby girls, alive today because of the commitment of extraordinary medical professionals and investments by the likes of CDC, PEPFAR, and PATH. This, my friends is Living Proof times two.” (Photo by Morgana Wingard)


3. With its vibrant colors and bustling nature, this photo came in third place with 472 likes!


Photo credit: Tara Todras-Whitehill

Maasai women are seen at market, in the town of Susua, Kenya, Wednesday, August 12, 2015. Many people in Africa don’t have access to power in their homes and will walk many miles to charge their cell phones.

In Kenya, people almost can’t live without their mobiles. They use it to pay for most things and connect with the world—they use their mobiles instead of physical money, which is a lot safer and more practical. In nearly every location globally, at every demographic level, people possess some form of cell phone in today’s hyper connected world. Be it an iPhone or the simplest Nokia, the anxiety born of a fading battery has emerged as a common human experience. In villages, slums, and any poorer area of Africa, charging stations have become the central social circles. The consequences of lost connections are palatable in Kenya, and the opportunities and growth that come with access to reliable power is transformative. (Photo by Tara Todras-Whitehill)


4. This little one stole the hearts of our Instagram followers! This photo came in fourth place at 460 likes!


Photo credited to Morgana Wingard

This little one, from Kenya, was photographed just after she received the malaria vaccine trial! (Photo by Morgana Wingard)


5. And in fifth place with 451 likes is this adorable photo!


Photo credited to Morgana Wingard

We met this little cutie at the Ashaiman Health Clinic Site during a visit to Ghana! (Photo by Morgana Wingard)


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