5 amazing charities that are changing the world
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5 amazing charities that are changing the world


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Here at ONE, we’re a policy and advocacy organization that asks you to speak up to your elected officials to support the fight against extreme poverty. But today, we want to spotlight just a few of the many charities that do an incredible job on the ground in the areas where they work to fight some of the causes and symptoms of poverty and injustice.


Beatrice Kirii works on a logo design in the Akirachix classroom. (Photo credit: Abby Higgins)

This Nairobi nonprofit organization was founded by women and for women. (You can read all about it here.) The program teaches coding, web design, and app development to low-income women at almost all levels: primary school, high school, college, and professional. More than 150 girls have been trained at Akirachix with almost as many going on to work in technology.


SafeCity operates in Nepal, among other countries. (Photo credit: SafeCity)

This not-for-profit organization created an online platform that encourages anonymous reporting of personal experiences of sexual violence in public spaces through crowdsourced data. Since it started in 2012, the platform has been actively mapping sexual violence in India, Kenya, Nepal, and Cameroon. Why is this so important? It allows victims to share stories, informs others about the issue, and forces accountability from service providers like police and municipal authorities in making public spaces safer.

Room to Read

A Room to Read program at a South African school. (Photo credit: Room to Read)

Passionate about literature? How about literacy? This charity is all about promoting improving lives through quality education. They have a lot of expertise: 87% of the staff members are from the areas where they work — places like Tanzania, South Africa, Bangladesh, and Cambodia. Check out this story about the positive effects of adding literacy programs and a library to one particular South African school.

Light Years IP

A group of Maasai. (Photo credit: joxeankoret/Wikimedia Commons)

This unique non-profit is dedicated to poverty alleviation by enabling farmers and producers to use intellectual property business strategies to boost income. For example, the Light Years IP team worked with Ethiopian Fine Coffee to help them own their own brands and license them. They’re also helping an entire tribe — the Maasai — take ownership of their name and brand.

AfriPads Foundation

AfriPads provides supplies to the students of City Shine Secondary School.

AfriPads provides supplies to the students of City Shine Secondary School. (Photo credit: Megan Iacobini De Fazio)

Uganda-based AFRIpads is a social business that locally manufactures reusable sanitary pads. So in addition to creating jobs right in Uganda for the women making the pads, AFRIpads partners with schools to make sure no girl is forced to miss school because of menstruation.

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