Challenge Cup: Meet the regional Nairobi competitors

Challenge Cup: Meet the regional Nairobi competitors


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Challenge Cup is an annual worldwide tournament put on by global incubator 1776. During the competition, competing startups advance through three rounds of competition: Local, Regional, and Global Finals. The tournament is hosted by partner incubators and startup hubs in more than 50 cities worldwide.

The winners of each Regional event will fly to the Challenge Cup Global Finals in June 2016 in Washington, D.C. At the Global Finals, known as the Challenge Festival, startups will compete for over $1 million in cash and equity prizes as well as spend time with key investors, customers, media, and other connections that can help them succeed.

Hosted by 1776 partners iHub and Nairobi Garage, the next event in the Regional round of Challenge Cup is just around the corner and taking place in Nairobi on Feb. 18, 2016! Competitors from all over Africa are innovating in the entrenched industries of education, energy, food, health, money, and transportation. Meet them below, and start thinking about who you will be cheering on!

Photo credit: 1776

Photo credit: 1776


Boresha Limited — Boresha Limited is an educational content creator and aggregator that develops curriculum-aligned, interactive digital content in the form of cartoons, games, stories, and software that run on both desktop and mobile devices.

GoMobile — GoMobile’s team uses existing technologies to create innovative products that allow unconnected communities to enjoy the benefits of new technologies. — is an award-winning publishing platform that serves and empowers African authors. has recently expanded to include the sale of physical books and secondhand books to meet increasing demands.

Moringa School Limited — Moringa School transforms proactive students who are passionate about technology into top mobile and web developers by providing a curated curriculum and expert teachers. — is an exam preparation and testing platform that helps student prepare for Nigeria’s most important examination from the comfort of their mobile devices or computers.

TotalPrep — TotalPrep is a collaborative online platform that connects candidates for any exam conducted in Nigeria with relevant content. TotalPrep ensures measurable improvement in both teaching and learning with the objectives of improving performance in exams and enhancing overall education.

Vine Design — Vine Design seeks to motivate and educate communities through its fashion apparel by inscribing quotes in its shirts that motivate youth to employ a positive, “can-do” approach to life. Vine Design allocates its earnings to a trust fund for the education of rural children.


Angaza Boma — Angaza Boma is a social enterprise company that transform lives in developing countries by supplying healthy, efficient, and eco-friendly products while offering the services needed to create long-term uptake and access to its products. Angaza Boma combats energy poverty by eradicating reliance on the use of kerosine lanterns and instead providing access to solar lights in some of the most remote regions of Kenya.

Awamu Biomass Energy — Awamu Biomass Energy manufactures and distributes clean-cooking, top-lift updraft gasifier stoves and works with local stakeholders to promote a low cost, locally produced, and high-efficient clean-cooking solution for the less privileged communities of Uganda.

Green-kiosk — Greek-kiosk is dedicated to designing and manufacturing solar-powered kiosks for rural areas. The primary target is to serve as a mobile charging booth for those who live in the outskirts of the grid and serve as a cubicle for selling small items on market days.

GRIT Systems — GRIT Systems builds web-enabled smart meters that are tailored to the unique requirements of under-electrified communities. The smart meter allows users to monitor power consumption from multiple sources with a single monitor and its data agnostics can be remotely configured.

ME SolShare — ME SolShare is a platform provider of reliable, sustainable, and affordable electricity for low-income people in rural Bangladesh and other parts of the world. The SolShare solution is an enabler for innovative, decentralized, and dynamic electricity micro-grids, which provide solar power to households and businesses and gives people the opportunity to take matters into their own hands.

WHC — WHC provides impactful, replicable, and innovative environmental conservation technologies and services for households and industries.

Zaacoal — Zaacoal is not your ordinary coal. Zaacoal burns at a stable heat, which makes family cooking convenient, enjoyable, and more economic as less charcoal is needed for replenishment during cooking. Zaacoal also has a very low content of volatile matter, which ensures minimal soot formation.


Illuminum Greenhouses Kenya — Illuminum Greenhouses is an agritech startup that constructs affordable greenhouses and installs drip irrigation kits for smallholder farmers in Kenya. Illuminum’s greenhouses include sensors that collect data on temperature, humidity, and soil moisture, which allows farmers to monitor and regulate their greenhouses via text message.

Khepri — Responding to food insecurity and the increasing cost of animal farming in rural South Africa, Khepri Biosciences is piloting the cultivation of insect larvae on abattoir refuse and processing them into low cost, high-protein animal feed.

LishaBora Hydroponics Ltd. — LishaBora Hydroponics is a scalable and sustainable social enterprise using hydroponics to introduce an alternative feed solution for smallholder dairy farmers’ cows in Kenya. LishaBora believes in the elimination of poverty through innovation and education in the dairy sector of Kenya.


Hakeeme — Hakeeme is a wearable device that monitors construction workers’ health and provides anonymized reports of working conditions to government agencies. Hakeeme is designed to measure the pulse and body temperature of the wearer with the larger aim of improving the life of manual laborers in the Arab world and beyond.

Mascir — Mascir develops cost-effective molecular diagnostic kits for the detection and quantification of several predominant diseases in Morocco, such as cancer and viral infections.

Mumcare — Mumcare is improving the lives of young urban working women and mothers by helping them manage and control available healthcare and wellness solutions via their phones. Mumcare provides vital information about available services and health education.

Run Africa — Run Africa is an Ethiopian athletics training company that enables running enthusiasts to train with professional athletes and discover the continent’s vibrant running culture. Run Africa gives runners the ability to immerse themselves in the landscapes and routines that have produced generations of Olympic champions.


Anchorpay — Anchorpay is a company dedicated to enhancing the financial capabilities of children and youth between the ages of 8-18 by providing them with relevant financial information and practical solutions that will prepare them for the real world of commerce and finance.

Lipacard — Lipacard is a platform that grants students and teenagers access to financial services. Using an NFC card as base, parents buy tokens and top off the students’ cards, who in turn use their cards to redeem goods and services.

LipaMobile — LipaMobile is a fast and easy online mPayment platform for sending and receiving mobile money across all networks in Uganda.

Livestock Wealth — Livestock Wealth is a digital crowd-farming platform that enables investors worldwide to own and trade in African cattle, unlocking hidden cattle wealth.

Valuraha Group — Valuraha Group teaches about personal finance and investments using fun tutorials, a simulated investments platform, and knowledge sharing through online communities. Valuraha Group’s mission is to create a generation of savvy investors and promote financial independence.

Zeepay — Zeepay is a mobile money payment app with value added services. Zeepay enables users with mobile money wallets to pay for goods and services using their mobile money wallets at retail point of sale.


Besew — Besew is a web-based peer-to-peer courier platform that revolutionizes the way one sends and receives important packages. Besew enables users to find their own unique uses for the platform and collaborate with other users.

Ma3Route — Ma3route is the leading transit mobile application in Kenya. Its mission is to provide a crowdsourcing technology platform that solves mobility issues in emerging cities.

Pledge your support to the Global Goals—which many of the above initiatives address—and keep coming back next week for more amazing news from the Challenge Cup Regionals in Nairobi!

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