ONE Campaign CEO Gayle Smith has something to ask you
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ONE Campaign CEO Gayle Smith has something to ask you

Protect foreign assistance

Soon, the Senate will head out on August recess and when they get back, they will make big decisions on the budget. We are at a critical moment right now.

So far this year, ONE has been fighting hard to make sure the foreign aid budget is fully funded next year. And largely because ONE members across the country are raising their voices, we’re winning. And that’s why ONE’s CEO Gayle Smith has a favor to ask of you:

So as we enter August, we need you to pick up the phone, call your senators, and tell them how important it is to fully fund the international affairs budget. Elected officials are going to start making key decisions about the budget, so it’s more critical than ever that they hear from you.

Here’s all you need to do:

1. Dial 1-888-453-3211.
2. Tell the person who answers your name and where you’re from.
3. Tell them that you want the senator to protect the foreign assistance budget by rejecting the proposed cuts.
4. Say thanks!

… and that’s it! It’s really that quick and that easy. Thanks so much for your support!

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