Celebrate beautiful rainy days on World Water Day

Celebrate beautiful rainy days on World Water Day


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World Water Day is Sunday, March 22! Read this story and watch the video from Water.org to learn more about the importance of clean water access.


Grace and her family had always hoped to afford a rainwater catchment system and water tank. Grace envisioned the day when her young daughter wouldn’t have to walk to collect water.

Now, with every rainy day, her hope turns into a beautiful reality.

Grace and her daughter used to collect water from a nearby stream. It was a time-consuming chore, during which she spent the time hoping for a better way. Through WaterCredit by Water.org, Grace and her husband got a loan to purchase a rain catchment system and a water tank. Now, each rainy day brings an abundance of water such that Grace has enough and can share it with her neighbors, improving the lives of her family, and the community where they live.

750 million people around the world lack access to safe water. Join ONE and Water.org and make every day Water Day.



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