Busting the foreign aid myths: Man on the Street

Busting the foreign aid myths: Man on the Street


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ONE hit the streets to ask everyday Americans what they thought about US foreign aid. Did you know that less than 1% of the US federal budget goes to foreign aid programs that save millions of lives? Turns out many Americans didn’t know the facts…

Our first stop was Kentucky.

People were definitely surprised when they learned the facts about foreign aid.

South - Less than 1%

South - Wow

Next, we travelled through Pennsylvania. Turns out that the people there needed a lesson in Foreign Aid 101 too!

East - Wow I was way off

East- Oh my god

From Pennsylvania, we journeyed to Ohio to check-in with folks there about foreign aid. Good thing, too! They had a lot to learn.

Midwest - I didn't know that

Midwest - Oh my goodness

To round out this cross-country road trip, we made a pitstop in Colorado. Just like their peers around the country, we shocked a lot of people with the facts about foreign aid and the amazing impact we can have with less than 1% of the US budget.

West - I thought it'd be more

West - Oh my gosh

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