Surprise! The 11th Annual Gates Letter is here
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Surprise! The 11th Annual Gates Letter is here


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“A benefit of surprises is that they’re often a prod to action. It can gnaw at people to realize that the realities of the world don’t match their expectations for it. Some surprises help people see that the status quo needs to change. Some surprises underscore that transformation is happening already.”

When was the last time you were surprised? Today? Last week? Last month? In their eleventh annual letter, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are talking about nine things that surprised them in the past year. Some inspirational. Some worrying. But all inspired them into action.

We promise, their 2019 Annual Letter is one you won’t want to miss. (P.S. Make sure you pay special attention to #1 and #9 — two surprises that are pushing us to take action, too.)  

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