11 New Year’s resolutions for activists

11 New Year’s resolutions for activists


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share2015-UK430x323Maybe you’ve already made some amazing resolutions for 2015 (and maybe you’ll even stick to them…) Here are some of the plans that we found people making on Twitter – and there’s always something to learn from how others look at the year ahead (especially #10!).

1. What do Ebola doctors say?

2. Keep fit and save lives too!

3. Keep it simple: remember the date

4. Follow Woody Guthrie’s ideas

5. Get involved and help keep world leaders focussed on change that really matters

6. Some great suggestions from the Red Cross

7. Celebrate the Millennium Development Goals

8. …Or just make up your mind

9. UN Volunteers have some great ideas

10. Awwww

11. …But don’t give up!

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