Two trailblazing African teens fighting for girls’ education

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These two teens from Senegal are fighting for girls’ education!

“In the world today, if you don’t study, you will lose out. I want to study until I achieve something.” — Safi

Safi and Dieynabah, 18, are trailblazers. They have fought hard to stay in school and get a good education.

It hasn’t been easy. They were both under pressure to get married — but refused — and persuaded their parents to let them stay in school. That alone is a huge achievement, but it doesn’t stop there.

Because they are girls, every day they have to fetch water, prepare food, sweep the house and wash the dishes.  When they are finally free to go, it’s a two-hour walk to school, so most days they miss some classes.

Safi wants to be a teacher, and Dieynabah a doctor – jobs that give back to their community. They are role models for other girls, as well as the generation that could end extreme poverty across Africa.

“130 million girls don’t go to school — that really hurts me in my heart. I would give every girl an education, so that they have the chance to become a doctor or a teacher or a midwife.” — Dieynabah

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