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Stop these cuts

Stop President Trump’s proposed cuts to foreign aid

To many, our compassion and generosity for the world’s most vulnerable people are part of the fabric of what it means to be American.

Living out these American values means helping those less fortunate at home and abroad. Our foreign assistance programs reflect that.

But President Trump wants to cut America’s support for life-saving programs. Everything we have worked together so hard on — lifesaving AIDS treatments, nutrition for children, an opportunity for education, and a life out of poverty — would be undone. That’s not who we are.

(Photo credit: Ellie Van Houtte/USAID)

Congress can block these cuts, but they won’t without a clear push from the public. That’s where we come in. We can build a huge petition, showing the wave of public support for these life-saving programs and giving Congress the political cover it needs to vote against these dangerous cuts.

Will you sign the petition? We’ll deliver it to Congress in June, so there’s not much time—sign now! It takes less than 30 seconds and it makes a big difference.

Our country’s budget reflects our nation’s character. Let’s make sure it doesn’t become tarnished by President Trump’s proposed cuts.


Stop President Trump’s proposed cuts to foreign aid

Dear Congress, Please oppose President Trump’s proposed cuts - nearly ⅓ - to life-saving programs in the International Affairs Budget.

Stop these cuts

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