Senators are back in their district offices today. Let’s make the phones ring off the hook.
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Senators are back in their district offices today. Let’s make the phones ring off the hook.

Call your senator!

It's easy:

Tell them your name, where you are calling from, and that you want the senator to oppose the President’s proposed budget cuts to foreign aid.

President Trump is trying to cut nearly one-third (!) of foreign aid funding. But he can’t do it alone; he needs Congress to approve the cuts. And with your senators back in your state today, we have a rare chance to throw a wrench in the President’s plans.

We need to make the district offices’ phones ring off the hook while the senators are back home. We’ll show our elected officials that the people they represent do NOT want these cuts. We’ll demonstrate that this pressure isn’t going away when they’re away from Capitol Hill.


So will you call your local office today? Together we can make sure President Trump won’t have the votes to slash the foreign aid budget. It starts with a phone call. Here’s all you need to do:

1. Dial 1-888-869-8931 or click here
2. Tell the person that answers your name and where you’re from.
3. Tell them that you want the senator to protect the foreign assistance budget by rejecting President Trump’s suggested cuts.
4. Say thanks!

… and that’s it! It’s really that quick and that easy.


These proposed budget cuts would drastically cut food aid for the most desperate people who are living in the middle of a famine, reduce the number of vulnerable children who will be able to access critical vaccination programs, and make life-saving HIV medications less available to those who need them most.

Each phone call will help stop President Trump’s dangerous proposed budget from being approved. We can make sure the life-saving programs that help lift people out of extreme poverty can keep running. So please call your senator while they’re back in town.

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ONE members are doing everything we can to make sure the budget doesn’t get approved — calling Congress weekly, writing our senators, tweeting representatives. It’s a mammoth effort, but it will be worth it when we protect foreign aid and save millions of lives.

Thanks for being part of it.

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