Walking free: A teen poet’s story of hope, triumph & the power of words

Walking free: A teen poet’s story of hope, triumph & the power of words


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Marquesha Babers is a Get Lit Player Emeritus and performs for over 10,000 teens each year, in high schools throughout Southern California. She is passionate about empowering other girls to believe in themselves and follow their hearts.

Marquehsa - Headshot copyTo give you a background on myself, I got involved with ONE.org in April when I became an ambassador for the groundbreaking film Girl Rising, which documents girls all over the world fighting for their education. Because of the film, I was invited to perform at the ONE Girls and Women Aya Summit in DC last year, which was a life-changing experience. I had been unstable in my living situation and education, and after performing at the summit, the ladies in the audience banded together to create a scholarship fund for me. I have since found housing and taken my GED exams and will be fulfilling my lifelong dream of attending culinary school.

Marquesha, Zach & Hannah_copyTwo women I met at the Aya Summit, Clemantine Wamariya, an activist for Rwandan refugees, and Danai Gurira, one of my favorite actresses, became huge supporters and inspirations for me in my life, and they both came to support me when I performed with the Get Lit Players at our Fall Gala at Dodger Stadium in November. We wrote spoken word responses to iconic TV shows and honored the writers that created them.

All of the Get Lit Players were amazing during the fundraiser, from everyone who performed to everyone behind the scenes. But, I have to say my overall favorite part of the show was getting to perform a piece from The Walking Dead for Danai and the show’s writers. It made my whole day to meet the great minds behind one of my favorite shows. Not only were they amazing writers but they were also amazing people. They were unbelievably down-to-earth and had a great sense of humor!

I just want to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey that is far from over. You all have given me hope, you have given me something to look forward to, and most of all you have let me know that I am not alone. It is nice to have all of you beautiful, strong people by my side. For updates on my poetry you can check out my page, “Poetic Perspectives.” And please take a look at the organization that has had my back since the beginning, Get Lit – Words Ignite.

With love,


Get Lit Players Camille, Delayla & Tashi with Clemantine

Storyteller Clemantine Wamariya (second from left) with Get Lit poets.

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