Honesty Oscars 2015: Best Activist in a Leading Role

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Every day in the week leading up to the Academy Awards, February 17th to 21st, ONE and Accountability Lab will unveil a category for our Honesty Oscars 2015, an award that honors not Hollywood films, but the creative work of activists and organizations that fight global corruption. Vote for your favorites, and we’ll announce the winners following the Oscars on Monday, February 23rd.

Today, we unveil the second category in ONE and Accountability Lab’s Honesty Oscars (see the first category here): Best Activist in a Leading Role. Like the Academy Awards’ “Best Actor in a Leading Role,” this category honors an individual who has shown incredible leadership in the fight against global corruption. Scroll through the five nominees, then vote for your favorite in the form below. Voting for this category closes Monday, February 23 at 9AM EST.


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1.) Ali Idrissa

Photo Credit: Publish What You Pay

Photo Credit: Publish What You Pay

“Transparency allows us as a society to play our role as a watchdog.” Based in Niger, Ali Idrissa advocates for more transparent conversations in Niger regarding the use of uranium. (Source: Publish What You Pay)

2.) Antoine Deltour


Photo Credit: The Guardian

Antoine Deltour, a 28-year-old accountant in Luxembourg, sparked the LuxLeaks tax scandal. The LuxLeaks have been described as a “game changer,” transforming the way European regulators look at tax rulings. Antoine is currently being prosecuted for his work to expose industrial scale tax dumping in Luxembourg and risks 10 years of imprisonment. (Source: The Guardian)

3.) Boniface Mwangi

Photo Credit: African Seer

Photo Credit: African Seer

A witness turned activist, Kenyan Boniface Mwangi uses photography to advocate for his country. He is an innovative activist, holding street exhibitions of the photos he takes and works with other passionate and courageous activists. He recently helped start PAWA254 – a social enterprise and collaborative space for creatives and youth to achieve social impact. (Source: TED)

4.) Sharada Bhusal Jha

Photo Source: Kathmandu Post

Photo Source: Kathmandu Post

Sharada Bhusal Jha is a vocal activist, speaking up against corrupt institutions in her hometown of Kathmandu, Nepal. Since 2011, she has staged 3 hunger strikes, involving others in her community to encourage their government to be more transparent in several arenas. (Source: Huffington Post)

5.) Kimberley Motley

Photo Source: BBC

Photo Source: BBC

An International litigator, Kimberley Motley is the only Western litigator in Afghanistan’s courts. Her method is quite simple: use the laws in the way they’re intended to be used. She works to educate people on the existing laws, so they are better educated on what rights they have. “The laws are ours, and no matter what your ethnicity, nationality, gender, race, they belong to us, and fighting for justice is not an act of insanity.” “Every human deserves protection under their country’s laws – even when that law is forgotten or ignored.” (Source: TED)

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