Actress/Comedian Amy Poehler on the power of girls and women

by Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler

When ONE Girls and Women invited me to curate their page, I knew right off that I wanted to bring awareness of the good things that are happening around the globe for girls and women. At the same time, I want to remind readers of all those who still need the best of our help, the best of our attention. They are the women and girls whose faces go easily unseen and whose voices go easily unheard.

Orphaned children throughout the world struggle as victims of poverty, prejudice and human chaos from conflict, war, disaster and disease. Because of my friend Jane, Worldwide Orphans is there to give orphaned girls (and boys) a voice and to help us see ourselves in their faces.

WWO’s mission is to transform the lives of orphaned children to help them become healthy, independent, productive members of their communities and the world.  They work to integrate institutionalized children into their own communities and cultures, and to that end, all WWO programs include orphans and children from the local areas.

WWO is able to identify the unique needs of orphaned children around the world and address those needs through medical, developmental, psychosocial and educational programs that are respectful of cultural norms in each setting. They nurture these children with the love and attention that is every child’s birthright, so they may grow, learn to play and ultimately lead productive, dignified adult lives.

Amy visits Haiti with Worldwide Orphans

Amy visits Haiti with Worldwide Orphans

The programs are based on the notion that when kids play and are creative, their problem solving skills and academic performance improve. WWO uses logic models and data collection and analysis to demonstrate the efficacy of the programs.

when kids play and are creative, their problem solving skills and academic performance improve

If you have read this far it means you are a person who has the ability to spend five minutes thinking about someone other than themselves. Congratulations!  Life is a beautiful, complicated and weird journey. Why not use some of your time here reaching out to the people who need it?  Your skin will get tighter, your butt will get smaller, and you may even feel like a new person. The person you were meant to be.

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