ONE members push thousands of messages to Senate for Energize Africa bill

What does it take to be a stellar grassroots activist? Passion, tireless dedication, intelligence, a sense of humor, and the willingness to be annoying as hell to get the message out there.


ONE members Maddy Vonhoff, Geoff Patrick, and new VOLT member Josh Johnson in action, delivering a big “thank you” to Senator Murray’s team for her support as a co-sponsor.

That’s why we love our ONE members who take all actions (petitions, calls, letters): they know how to use their voices. Throughout July and August, ONE and our members pushed on the Power Project, our campaign to get 50,000 messages to senators asking them to co-sponsor the Energize Africa bill. It’s not easy to get that many messages in just a few weeks, but our members were headstrong and diligent as we pushed towards the finish line together.

Didn’t take the action? It’s not too late. Send a message to your senator now. 

But, this campaign was a bit different from our usual actions. We asked ONE members and organizers not only to send a message to their senators to support the bill, but we also asked them to create their own online message page and ask their networks to use their message their senators.

We kept tallies on how many messages each member received for their pages, the winners earning a trip to Washington, D.C., this September.

Together, ONE and our members brought in 44,604 messages to the Senate over seven weeks.  

We also brought in almost 5,000 new members. We now have more than 18 co-sponsors for the Energize Africa bill, a bill that can help African governments bring electricity to more than 50,000 million people  for the first time – at no cost to US taxpayers.

Melissa Mattice Fraser, Tim Cofran, and Susan C. Pillsbury delivering letters & postcards to Senator Ayotte's Manchester, NH office.

Melissa Mattice Fraser, Tim Cofran, and Susan C. Pillsbury delivering letters & postcards to Senator Ayotte’s Manchester, NH office.

Oh, and the winners of our Power Project contest? Alexis from Pennsylvania, Arian from Michigan, Karen from New York, Chijioke from Texas, and Robert from Michigan were all selected to visit Washington, D.C., this September to help us push the Energize Africa bill.

“I tried to emphasize how much change just one letter can make to my friends and colleagues,” said winner Arian about his experience with the Power Project.

Alexis said it took some convincing for her contacts. “Several people took issue to the campaign at first because they thought that the project would be funded through our taxpayer dollars, however once they better understood the bill and campaign, they thought it was very amazing and were ready to send a message then and there!”

What does this all mean? It means our voices are being heard on Capitol Hill and we’re pushing hard to get the momentous bill passed. But, we’re not done yet. We still have to keep pushing on our senators to support and pass this bill.

Our fantastic volunteer team talks Energize Africa at SoulFest.

Our fantastic volunteer team talks Energize Africa at SoulFest.

“I think a lot of times, we take for granted in this country the access we have to utilities such as electricity, and this initiative opened my eyes to the ways in which some people have to unfortunately live their lives,” said Arian. “The fact that just by signing letters and sending them to our Senators can provide 50 MILLION people with energy is quite astounding, and I’m so happy that I was able to take part in this and help make a difference.”

You can get started right now by sending a message to your own senators, asking them to support the Energize Africa bill. It takes two minutes and you’ll be well on your way to being a stellar grassroots activist yourself. Let’s go! 

Click here to send a letter now

Big thank you to everyone who took the action – when we work together as ONE, amazing things can happen!