Photo essay: The bright colors of Somaliland

Our friend Kelly Ranck, the Africa communications liaison at World Concern, shares her favorite photos from a recent trip to Somaliland, where she visited five villages in the region. 

Nearly 3 million Somalis are currently in a state of humanitarian crisis. But in a land of great suffering, there is also vibrancy, strength and joy—and this is what I set out to capture.

I work for World Concern, a global relief and development agency that aims to empower and transform the Somaliland region through access to clean water and agricultural training. This past spring, I had the honor of traveling through Somaliland to document the stories of the people we serve.

My photos below offer a glimpse into World Concern’s work in five Somaliland villages. These images show the beauty, colors and vibrance of everyday Somaliland life.

1 - Balanbal, berkads, wom, ma_999_185-65

 Namacima poses next to a World Concern-rehabilitated berkad (a local water collection system). Only one in three people in the region have access to safe drinking water.

1 - Balanbal, berkads, wom, ma_999_325-117

 Canab snuggles with her daughter, Namacima. Canab manages her village’s berkad and uses the income to pay for her children’s education.

2- Gawsawayne, berkad, school _999_128-41

 Amina is a member of one village’s minority clan, and manages a recently rehabilitated berkad.

2- Gawsawayne, berkad, school _999_254-90

 Boys giggle in front of their school’s recently rehabilitated water tank.

3 - Faraguul, school harv, wel_999_76-29

Students enjoying their lesson on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and the importance of hygiene and sanitation.

3 - Faraguul, school wat, well_999_88-71

 Students drink fresh water right outside of their classroom from their school’s new water tank. 

3 - Faraguul, school wat, well_999_276-136

 Saleban waters his camels from a World Concern-rehabilitated well.

5- Ceel Ade, farm, well, SHG_999_22-10

 Fadumo, a female farmer, shows off her new garden. 

5- Ceel Ade, farm, well, SHG_999_368-117

 A beautiful girl poses while seeking shade. 

1 - Balanbal, berkads, wom, ma_999_113-37

  Abdaraham peers out from a shaded area near his mother’s small shop.

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