What happens when campus leaders win a trip to DC

What happens when campus leaders win a trip to DC


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ONE Student Advisory Board visits Washington, DC!

I’ve already written about why college students make kickass activists, so now it’s time to focus in on why the ONE Campus program is such a successful way to mobilize and engage student activists.

We’re not tooting our own horns here, either. The truth is, the ONE Campus program is by-and-large such a success because it’s designed by students.

Since 2013, the “grand prize” for winning the ONE Campus Challenge has been a trip to Washington, DC for 16 of our top student leaders from around the country. These 16 students kick off a full year of serving on ONE’s Student Advisory Board by meeting in DC for 3 days of high-profile meetings where they plan the next season of OCC and strategize innovative ways to engage more millennials in the fight against extreme poverty.


It’s not all work and coffee, though…


Student Advisory Board members attended a Washington Nationals game…


Did some sight-seeing around the capitol…


Got photobombed (could we call this a #reversephotobomb?) by the man selling beer at the game…


Saw a Broadway production of The Lion King—and all proceeded to cry during Mufasa’s death scene…


And then, of course, got back to work planning challenges and brainstorming for how we can make OCC Season 8 bigger and better than ever before.

Student Advisory Board members left DC pretty jazzed about their experience.

Student Advisory Board member Sara Cooper commented that “the ONE SAB enabled me to meet and collaborate with like-minded, dedicated student volunteers from all over the country and help to strategize new ways for OCC to expand its reach.”

“My favorite memory was definitely our last night together when we all dressed up, went to a fantastic restaurant, and saw the Lion King. I wish I didn’t have to leave DC because I absolutely loved every minute of my time there,” added Brittney Frederick, another Student Advisory Board member.

We can’t thank our Student Advisory Board enough for their dedication to helping us shape ONE’s Campus program and the tireless energy and leadership that they bring to their college campuses in the fight against extreme poverty.

And if the photos haven’t already convinced you that OCC Season 8 is going to be awesome, take a closer look at the last photo…

That’s right—ZOMBIES.

Get in on the action by starting a ONE Campus chapter at your college or university!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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