An open letter to everyone who signed ONE’s vaccines petition

An open letter to everyone who signed ONE’s vaccines petition


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Dear ONE members:

Wow, what an exhilarating past few weeks it has been! Yes, I’m talking about the World Cup. But I’m also talking about our global child vaccines petition, which 58,229 of you, from Australia to Trinidad and Tobago, signed with love, concern and compassion.

Thanks to you, we are CLOSER to our ultimate “big goal” – securing the funding from donors to save more than 5 million children’s lives through vaccines and the GAVI Alliance.

And as your social media manager, I also want to thank you for bearing with some of the CRAZY stuff we’ve been posting to Twitter and Facebook to get World Cup fans to sign our petition.

We created our own “World Cup of Vaccines Funding”…

We posted cute pictures of babies…

Post by ONE.

And we even shared photos of sexy football players, which I know was a stretch but it sure was attention-grabbing! 

But you know what? You delivered. You signed and shared our petition. And for that, we thank you.

So what’s next on the agenda? We’ll be coming back in the months ahead to push on specific donors at specific moments. The European Commission has already pledged, and Canada’s already underway. Later this summer and fall, we’ll roll out efforts in countries like the UK, France and the US.

All the while, we’ll be rolling out new creative efforts to ensure a surge of global momentum from current and new donors in the lead up to next year’s replenishment in Germany.

And speaking of which, congratulations to Team Germany for winning the World Cup!

It’s fitting that they won in a year where they’ve stepped up their leadership to GAVI in a big way. We hope they can provide their biggest-ever pledge to GAVI – another move worthy of national pride.

For now, watch this space. To all those who 58,229 of you who signed the petition, THANK YOU. To us, you are the real winners of the World Cup. Cheesy, I know. But I had to say it.

Tata for now,
Malaka Gharib
Social Editor, ONE

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