Twitter Chat: Ask a Tanzanian agriculture activist a question

Twitter Chat: Ask a Tanzanian agriculture activist a question


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This chat already happened – see what Juma said below!

ONE is joining Devex for #FeedingDev, a week-long digital event to raise awareness for the importance of agriculture in fighting extreme poverty.  SAM_0297My name is Juma Bruno Ngomuo, and I’m an agriculture activist living in Tanzania. Earlier this year, I helped ONE urge African leaders to invest in agriculture during the Do Agric campaign. I am proud to say that to date, more than 2 million African citizens have signed the petition. When I’m not campaigning with ONE, I work to inspire and motivate youths to tap into agribusiness opportunities in Tanzania.

This issue is important to me. I believe that agriculture will always pay if we support smallholder farmers. They produce for us, earn income and pay tax. They create jobs and boost the economies of our African nations. But African leaders and the private sector are not doing enough for agriculture – even though 70 percent of Africans work directly or indirectly in the sector.

As Prof. Calestous Juma says, “You cannot modernize the economy in Africa without starting with agriculture.

Yet African countries, including Tanzania, are not self-sufficient in food. We keep on importing tons of food products from other countries because of food shortage. The irony is that we consume what we don’t produce and we produce what we don’t consume. Read more about my thoughts on this issue here.

We will only be able to transform Tanzania’s agriculture and farming and alleviate food insecurity and poverty if smallholder farmers have the funds and resources to boost their yields and expand their business.

Send a question to #AskJuma on Twitter and I will answer during the live chat. You may also leave a question in a comment below.

I look forward to your questions!

About Devex’ #FeedingDev: The world has enough food today to feed its population, but the challenges to building a more food-secure world run far deeper than whether or not someone has a full stomach at the end of the day. Feeding Development is an online conversation to reimagine solutions for food security, linking the environment, land rights, supply chains, and nutrition to real progress, from seed and soil to a healthy meal.

About Juma Ngomuo: Juma is a business partner in ASAM Horticulture Co. Ltd., a member and coordinator of Tanzania Graduate Farmers Association, and a representative of Tanzania Youth in Agribusiness Forum. 


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