VIDEO: How Africare is creating economic opportunity for women in Chad

VIDEO: How Africare is creating economic opportunity for women in Chad


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Image from Africare's IEEWEP video at

Image from Africare’s IEEWEP video at

Educating and empowering African women leads to healthier families through improved nutrition, stronger food security, and increased access to health care. So then why are only 15% of landholders in Sub-Saharan Africa women? Because they face many challenges that prevent them from succeeding including domestic violence, sexual exploitation, illiteracy, and disease.

Africare is a development organization that improves the quality of life of people in Africa that urges women to set challenging goals for themselves. Their projects provide training to women, which equip them with the skills needed to achieve their goals and assume leadership positions within their communities.  The participants are mentored by other successful women who help coach them and ensure that they speak out and that their voices are heard.

One of these programs, Initiative for the Economic Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs Project  (IEEWEP), reached more than 1,600 women in southern Chad, increasing household incomes by 60%. Shea Touch®, a Texas based and Chadian-owned personal product brand, partnered with Africare and contracted IEEWEP women to produce key ingredients for the cosmetic products Shea Touch® sells world-wide, creating an opportunity to shatter the $2 per day income ceiling typical for women in the region. Thanks to this program, these women now possess skills to continue improving their lives and their communities.

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