World Cup 2014: Give every child a healthy shot at life

Few of us grow up to play in the World Cup, but most of us do get a healthy start at life, thanks in part to the basic vaccines we received as children. Yet incredibly 1 in 5 children still don’t have access to those life-saving interventions.

That needs to change.

That’s why we’re calling on world leaders to invest in the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). This amazing partnership has saved more than 6 million lives and helped immunise 440 million children since 2000.

Even better, GAVI can save more than 5 million more lives over the next 5 years – but only if it gets the funding it deserves.

Sign the petition now and help give every child a healthy shot at life.

Vaccines aren’t expensive. For the price of a ticket to the World Cup Final – about $990 – you could buy 831 doses of a vaccine that protects children against 5 big killer diseases. And we know that GAVI is a proven, effective partnership – one of the best ways to ensure kids don’t die from easily preventable diseases.

So while the world holds its breath watching the World Cup, let’s use our voice to support shots that save lives.

That’s a goal worth cheering for.

Sign the petition now!