Third Day and fans share the #NewGoodNews at Atlanta show

Third Day and fans share the #NewGoodNews at Atlanta show


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

The band Third Day with Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson

The band Third Day with Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson

This past Saturday, ONE joined up with Third Day in Atlanta to celebrate ONE’s 10th anniversary, and share the “new good news” that since 1990, we’ve cut extreme poverty in half.

Third Day has been one of ONE’s partners since our founding, and we’re thrilled with all the great work we’ve been able to do together. This past Saturday, ONE volunteers were out in force before the concert and during intermission, collecting 677 postcards in support of our campaign to end energy poverty, and signing nearly 500 more people up to join our Mobile Action Team to stay up to date on how they can help end extreme poverty and take action when it’s most needed.

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During the show, Third Day showed our 10th anniversary video. Tai Anderson, bassist for the band, shared his own experience working with ONE, and the progress that has been made so far in helping our brothers and sisters around the world, with more than 9 million more people now on life-saving HIV/AIDS medications since 2002, and a 25 percent drop in malaria deaths. 

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The audience then got to hear from Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia, who shared his own reasons for supporting ONE and global assistance, as well as the importance of advocating and raising your voice.

We were so inspired by the great response we got from Third Day’s fans, the amazing work from our volunteers, and, of course, by the support from Third Day.

We’d like to ask all of you to join us in continuing the fight against extreme poverty. We’ve cut it in half since 1990, and we can end it by 2030, but only if we work together.

You can join our Mobile Action Team by texting THIRD DAY to 877-877 and get a special message from the band.

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Third Day with ONE’s Marisa Vertrees and Abby Sasser

Are you interested in helping us to spread the new good news in your local communities and congregations? Let us know below and we’ll respond with opportunities on how to get involved!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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