Stay with the action against Big Oil

Stay with the action against Big Oil


Join the fight against extreme poverty

We’ve got good news and bad news.

For months and months and months, Big Oil has been trying to weaken a rule that says if you’re an oil and gas company and you make a deal, you have to publish what you pay.

Why do we care? Because this rule will help make sure that billions of dollars stop ending up in the pockets of corrupt officials and instead get used to help the world’s poorest people pull themselves out of poverty.

So you and tens of thousands of ONE members across the country added your name to our petition and urged the Securities and Exchange Commission to stop being bullied by Big Oil and release a strong rule right away.

The bad news first: The SEC still hasn’t issued the rule.

The good news? It’s now officially on the calendar – but likely won’t be addressed until early 2015.

Now that we’ve got a new target date, we’re figuring out our next steps. But we wanted to make sure you heard the news AND can stay on top of all the upcoming actions and updates.

We’re creating a special Mobile Action Team just for members like you to get special messages on Big Oil and this rule. We won’t bug you too much – just occasional messages to start.

So text BIG OIL to 877877 on your mobile phone and we’ll make sure you get added to this special list or sign up with our form right here.

Thanks for joining the fight. Stay tuned for next steps.


Join the fight against extreme poverty

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