Canada: Tell Prime Minister Harper to give every kid a healthy shot at life

Canada: Tell Prime Minister Harper to give every kid a healthy shot at life


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Thanks to The GAVI Alliance, this baby in Kenya was able to receive the pentavalent vaccine, protecting him from five diseases. Photo credit: GAVI. 

In just two weeks, leaders from around the world are coming to Canada for a very big meeting. Why? To put together a plan and make sure that moms and kids stop dying needlessly from preventable diseases – like diarrhea and pneumonia – that we know how to beat.
Let’s make sure that improved access to childhood vaccines is at the top of their to-do list. 

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Our petition says:

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Every child deserves a healthy start at life. But 1 in 5 children still don’t get the vaccines they need. That’s wrong. Please step up your support of the GAVI Alliance and help save millions of children’s lives.

Did you know that pneumonia and diarrhea kill more kids every year than AIDS, TB and malaria combined?

But here’s the thing: with proven, affordable childhood vaccines, we can help put a stop to this.

Saving mothers and children has always been a top priority for Canada. And the upcoming summit is the perfect time for our leaders to pledge their support for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), an amazing partnership that’s saved more than 6 million children’s lives and helped immunize 440 million kids since 2000.

So we need to let Prime Minister Harper know today that we’re proud of Canada’s leadership on this issue and we want him to keep it up. The more names we add to our petition, the harder we’ll be to ignore when we deliver our message.

Sign the petition here.

We don’t have much time. With all the world’s eyes on Canada, add your name and urge Prime Minister Harper to continue his leadership in saving even more children’s lives with vaccines.



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