Nominate your local restaurant or food truck to go (RED)!

(RED) has joined forces with celebrity Chef Mario Batali and meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda for EAT(RED). DRINK(RED). SAVE LIVES. From June 1 to 10, restaurants, bars and food trucks are turning (RED) by offering a (RED) dish, a (RED)-inspired Prix Fixe menu, or a (BELVEDERE)RED cocktail and donate a portion of the sales to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

It’s time to begin the end of AIDS. We can do this. We are at a pivotal moment in the fight against AIDS where we can deliver the first AIDS FREE GENERATION in over 30 years. Every day 700 babies are born with HIV. We can help get that number close to zero. It’s not a question of can we, but will we?

Here’s how you can get involved. Right. This. Very. Second.

I’m in the Food Business
Visit to get started! You can register your restaurant, bar, or food truck now to be part of the movement in June. It’s easy, and you can choose the way you want to get involved. You’ll be among the top chefs around the globe who are creating (RED) dishes, a (RED) pre-fixe menu, (BELVEDERE)RED inspired cocktails, and more with a commitment to donate a portion of the sales to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. And if you join us, you’ll be eligible to get discounts from Pat LaFrieda so that you can pass on your savings to fight AIDS.

I Love Eating & Drinking
Turn your favorite bar or restaurant (RED)! We want the entire food world to turn (RED), and need your help to do so. Download an EAT (RED). DRINK (RED). SAVE LIVES info card here. Take one (or more!) to your favorite local business owner & tell them how they can register at to join the fight against AIDS.

Want your favorite restaurant or food truck to go (RED)? Tweet them & tell them! Here’s how.
1. Find the Twitter handle of your favorite restaurant.
2. Click here and this tweet will pop up: Join @Mariobatali @PatLafrieda & @RED to fight AIDS June 1-10. @RestaurantTwitterHandle – I nominate you to #86AIDS! Sign up:
3. Replace @RestaurantTwitterHandle with the Twitter handle of the restaurant you want to nominate and press tweet!

Listen to Chef Mario Batali and Pat LaFrieda’s special message here:

As we get closer to June, we’ll let you know what businesses are participating so you can find out where to get involved.

Learn more at