Embrace ‘New Beginnings’ this Mother’s Day with the Alex and Ani bangle

Embrace ‘New Beginnings’ this Mother’s Day with the Alex and Ani bangle


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Today, ONE is excited to announce a new partnership with Alex and Ani: the New Beginnings bangle, created to inspire action and help spread ONE’s mission. ONE Mom Kelly Wickham tells us what New Beginnings means to her.

My ‘New Beginnings’ Story

Kelly Wickham and Maya

Photo caption: Kelly Wickham with fellow ONE Mom Maya Haile Samuelsson.

I had so many questions when I decided to visit Ethiopia for the first time in 2012. First, I wanted to know everything about the country. What language did they speak there? What was its history?

I spent countless hours researching and asking questions and checking books out of the library about the food, the culture, the capital city, the currency. I wondered, often, how their language sounded to the ear from the tongue of someone thousands of miles from my own home. At the same time, however, I had very little on which to rely in terms of my own relationship with Ethiopia.

My children were very excited for me to go and continued to marvel at the fact that I would use my passport so close to actually acquiring it. The year before, I decided to fill out the paperwork and apply for one even though I had no idea where it would take me.

I didn’t have a trip in mind when I did that. One day, while talking about what I dream about doing in life now that I was newly divorced and kept on about my New Beginnings, I mentioned that I’d like to travel.

My daughter, Mallory, said to go for it. She had been on a trip to Europe as a teenager and was in the process of planning a trip to Paris where she and her then-boyfriend got engaged. “You’re so lucky to have that experience,” I told her with a hint of jealousy in my voice.

Photo credit: Karen Walrond

“Mom, you’re going to go somewhere someday, too. I just know it.”

She was right. A month after getting my blue passport in the mail I got the invitation to become an official part of the ONE Moms group. I had followed their trips before and lent my voice to the cause since I desperately desire to combat extreme poverty and preventable diseases. I had, for a time, lived in poverty and the memories are too strong to forget.

When you’re living like that, New Beginnings are on your mind constantly. So when you travel around the world and realize that every human matters, you can’t help but become a cheerleader for those desiring a fresh start. What I hadn’t realized was that traveling like that changes your entire world view (and, isn’t that the point?!) and that New Beginnings take on another meaning when your feet touch the ground back home.

The Alex + Ani New Beginnings Bangle


Introducing the New Beginnings bangle. The 8-sided sun represents the universal law that life’s outcomes are a reflection of your efforts and power as an individual. You have limitless opportunity to positively lead and affect others, to empower yourself to shine brighter than yesterday, to let your passions spark action. Embrace the energy of this powerful charm and create your own new beginning.

Through December 2015, 20 percent of proceeds received by Alex and Ani from selling the New Beginnings bangle, with a minimum donation of $25,000, will be donated to ONE, a global campaigning and advocacy organization of nearly 4 million people taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.

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