ONE DC interns organize 5k for energy poverty

Earlier in April, the intern team at ONE hosted a free 5k run in Washington, D.C., to raise awareness about energy poverty and take action for the Electrify Africa Act, a bill that could bring reliable electricity to 50 million people in Africa.

As most 20-somethings are crawling into bed after a night out on the town, we were gearing up for the big event. We arrived the park before dawn. Darkness and a cold breeze greeted us at the venue – then it was a race against time to set up our signs, registration table, music, and the little details to make the event run smoothly.

The sun started rising, the runners arriving, and the enthusiasm culminating. More than 75 early birds hand-wrote letters to their members of Congress; personalized their bibs; and took these awesome pictures:

Post by ONE.