ONE Campus winners share the secret of their success

ONE Campus winners share the secret of their success


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We asked each of our ONE Campus Challenge Season 7 winners to express their feelings about winning the grand prize with a team selfie, the secret to their success, and a hashtag that best describes their work with ONE Campus. Here’s what they said!

University of Texas, El Paso

UTEP selfie

The secret to their success: We were able to engage a wider student population on this challenge, educate them on energy poverty, and empower them to use their voices to affect powerful change in people’s lives and our legislators are listening!”

Their motto in a hashtag: #KeepCalmAndCarryONE

University of Michigan

University of Michigan selfie

The secret to their success: “OCC Season 7 drove the Michigan campus to be more competitive and more mindful. Thinking about how other campuses stepped up creatively makes us realize how fortunate we are to have been finalists this season and how much more impressive we will be next season.”

Their motto in a hashtag: #ONEStepataTime

Lone Star College-Tomball

Lone Star selfie

The secret to their success: “Setting a goal and having the determination, passion, and perseverance to follow through and make a difference.”

Their motto in a hashtag: #PassionAndPerseverance

University of Iowa

 University of Iowa selfie

The secret to their success: “Creating close relationships within our ONE Campus chapter allow us to be more effective within our community and campus.”

Their motto in a hashtag(s): #LessMeMoreWe #YouDownWithOCC

State University of New York, Oswego

Oswego selfie

The secret to their success: “Our success stems from our members’ belief that their voices do something powerful. Our success also stems from our inspiration in learning that our actions inspired Representative Dan Maffei to co-sponsor the Electrify Africa Act.”

Their motto in a hashtag: #PovertyEndsWithEveryONE

Carthage College

Carthage selfie

The secret to their success: “We work really hard to include as many people as possible in our work. We have a great teamwork mentality to make sure all of our members feel included, and we also make sure to reach out to other students on campus so they can take part in making the world a better place, as well.”

Their motto in a hashtag: #Opportunities

Another big congrats to our Grand Prize Winners who will be joining us in Washington, D.C., this summer to be a part ONE’s exclusive Student Advisory Board. We can’t wait to see what you all have up your sleeves for next season!

Thinking about starting a ONE chapter on your campus in the fall? Let us know. We’ll help you do it.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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