Follow me as I live below the poverty line for 1 week

My husband and I live a comfortable life. We have two children, two cars and a dog.  We have each known hardships, yet we have never lived in extreme poverty. Our world is about to change for better or for worse as we live below the poverty line for one week.

For five days, from April 28 to May 2, we will participate in the Global Poverty Project’s (GPP) “Live Below the Line” challenge. This means we will eat and drink on a budget of $1.50 each per day. 

My kids on Pizza Night Friday.

My kids on Pizza Night Friday.

An extreme fear of the unknown has stricken us.  How can we both survive five days on a grocery budget of $15?  Our normal weekly grocery budget is $130 including an allowance for Pizza Night Friday.

How will we endure watching our children eat their normal diet as my husband and I live on rice, beans, noodles and other inexpensive foods? This can’t turn out good.

Or can it? Thankfully, Global Poverty Project provides success tools including daily menu planning and recipes. Now, if we can just get over the mental hump to start preparing for next week.

Stay tuned for our next episode: What does $15 really buy at the grocery store?

Join me. There’s still time to sign up for the Live Below the Line challenge!