Beyond brunch: This Mother’s Day, connect with moms all over the world

Beyond brunch: This Mother’s Day, connect with moms all over the world


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This is a guest blog post by by Kelly Sharp from BeadforLife.

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Photo caption: Emma Cramer with her friends Joan Ahimbisibwe and Teddy Namuyiga.

Meet 8-year old Emma Cramer and her mom Kathy. When the duo from Defiance, OH started selling BeadforLife jewelry as a mother/daughter bonding experience, they didn’t realize they’d also bond with women across the world.

Kathy: Emma and I have always been close. We do lots of Girls’ Nights together, which is how we got involved in BeadforLife. We looked through all the jewelry together, hosted bead parties together, and last year, we traveled to Pittsburgh together to meet Teddy and Joan—two BeadforLife graduates who are also moms. Meeting them really made our work feel so real—and they were so loving to Emma right away. They are special friends to us now!

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.05.59 AMEmma: Teddy had less than a dollar a day to live on, with all the family she has. But now she owns a farm and she raises goats and pigs. She owns a water tank and sells water to her neighbors. And she has more than a hundred chickens, and she sells their eggs!

Photo caption: BeadforLife graduate Teddy Namuyiga with her niece in Uganda.

Kathy: We have been so blessed, knowing we can make a difference. It has changed our lives. BeadforLife makes it so easy to host a party that even an 8-year old can do it. And we’re really excited about the Mother’s Day party—we love all the new products, and Mother’s Day is a perfect time to bring women together.

This Mother’s Day, you can host an extra-special Bead Party to support hard-working moms in Uganda—and share a life-changing experience with your own family and friends.

BeadforLife creates sustainable opportunities for women in Uganda to lift themselves out of poverty by helping them become independent entrepreneurs, and by connecting them with women around the world. 

The ONE Moms are supporting BeadforLife this Mother’s Day. Join moms around the country who are hosting their own bead parties in support of moms in Uganda!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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