Top 25 moments from ONE Campus Challenge Season 7

Top 25 moments from ONE Campus Challenge Season 7


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But in this case, a picture is worth…well…eight months of some seriously incredible student activism.

ONE Campus Challenge Season 7 came to a close this week, and we at ONE HQ get very excited when we look back on what ONE student members accomplished this academic school year.

Collectively, ONE Campus chapters wrote 5,920 letters by hand, tweeted 3,999 times, conducted 170 in-person meetings, and organized 52 in-district petition deliveries–all in the name of ending extreme global poverty. Their message was heard loud and clear by several elected leaders on Capitol Hill, leading to some big legislative victories. These student activists have so much to be proud of.

It’s hard to pick, but here are 25 of our favorite moments from this season of OCC.

1. When ONE at Bentley University shared statistics around their campus informing passersby about what energy access can mean for students around the world:


2. The time when ONE SUNY-Oswego hand delivered their letters to their US Representative’s office asking him to co-sponsor the Electrify Africa Act:

Suny Oswego

3. When ONE at The Citadel stood firm in front of the Apache Helicopter during the Protest to Progress challenge. These students showed off more than their awesome uniforms – they showed the power of advocacy and encouraged their peers to take action:

The Citadel

4. The day when ONE at Georgia Regents University hosted Congressman John Barrow on campus to talk about energy poverty:


5. The time when Marquette University traded sweet treats in for signature petitions demanding transparency in the Big Oil industry:


6. When the ONE Chapter at Carthage College was featured in their school’s national magazine – photo shoot and all – for the impact they had on campus as a student organization:


7. When ONE members at the University of Texas, San Antonio illuminated their campus in order to bring attention to the millions of people living without electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa.

San Antonio

8. That time that ONE at Syracuse University proudly showed off their handwritten letters to Congress. They were able to send out 35 letters in just one meeting!


9. When ONE at Tulane University educated their campus about the difficulties of being a university student without reliable electricity during their “Studying Under Streetlamps” event:


10. When ONE at University of Iowa covered their campus in chalk with messages about energy poverty that U of I students simply couldn’t ignore:

University of Iowa

11. The time that ONE at the University of Michigan invited students to pie a ONE member in exchange for writing a letter to Congress about the importance of lifesaving development assistance. The event was held on the Michigan/Michigan State basketball game, allowing them to benefit from the friendly rivalry between the two schools.

University of Michigan

12. When the ONE at University of Alabama took a break from their meeting in order to snap an Oscars selfie, ONE-style:

University of Alabama

13. The time that the University of Arizona celebrated ONE’s 10th anniversary year. They welcomed new members with cake, party hats, and tons of info about ONE:

University of Arizona

14. When ONE at University of Southern California showed their campus and their elected officials just how much they want to see an AIDS-free world:


15. The day that ONE members at the University of Texas, El Paso screened the film “Protest to Progress” for their campus community, showing students and faculty alike just how powerful their voices really are:


16. The time that ONE at University of Virginia took over their campus amphitheater at night to teach their campus community about the role of increased energy access in fighting poverty. They invited students to join them and take action.

University of Virginia

17. When ONE at Beloit College got together to write letters to their school’s representative to tell him why the Electrify Africa Act matters to them:

Beloit College

18. When ONE at Virginia Commonwealth University lit up their campus with candlelight, advocacy, and their smiles  during their energy poverty campaign:


19. The day that ONE at Wenatchee Valley Community College inspired their peers to believe in their power to change the world by asking them  to share their dreams on Martin Luther King Jr. Day:


20. When ONE at Georgia Regents University sparked some friendly competition and challenged other ONE Campus chapters to a ONE band stacking contest:


21. That time that ONE at Lone Star College-Tomball showed us that advocacy and school spirit can go hand-in-hand, when they got their school mascot to raise ONE’s profile on campus:

Lone Star

22. When ONE members at Beloit College sat ready to welcome students and answer their questions at a film screening event they hosted. They prepared a table full of information and ONE gear and provided participants with the opportunity to watch a motivational film that encouraged students to take action:


23. When ONE members at Texas Christian University showed their school pride at ONE’s 2014 Power Summit, where they gained leadership skills and got to meet ONE’s Co-Founder, Bono:


24. When ONE at University of New Mexico represented ONE at their school’s International Fair, bringing in new members and raising awareness about the injustice of extreme poverty:


25. When ONE Campus members were recognized in the audience at the mark up of the Electrify Africa Act, which passed through the committee that day!

EAA Mark up

Needless to say, ONE Campus chapters are building momentum and growing this movement to end extreme poverty—and they’re having fun along the way.

Congratulations to the Grand Prize winners for this season:  Carthage College, University of Iowa, State University of New York-Oswego, University of Texas-El Paso, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and Lone Star College-Tomball.

Each winning school will get to send a representative to Washington, D.C., to serve on ONE’s Student Advisory Board and help shape ONE’s vision for the following school year. A special shout out to ONE at Carthage College, who was the top point-earning ONE Campus chapter in the country for OCC Season 7. The ONE chapter at Carthage will receive a ONE Campus Grant to sustain and grow their group’s presence on campus next year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to ONE’s student chapters across the country for your tireless passion and commitment to mobilizing your campuses to end extreme poverty. We’ll see you in the fall with new challenges, new campaigns, and continued progress toward a more just world.

Thinking about starting a ONE chapter on your campus in the fall? Let us know. We’ll help you do it.

Which campus had the most creative event? Tell us in a comment below.


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