Kidogo Kidogo: Your purchase helps bring a cell phone to a woman without one

Kidogo KidogoKidogo Kidogo, a social enterprise that sells iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s cell phone cases in their online store, helps women in Tanzania gain access to life-changing mobile technology. For every two cases that are purchased on their site, Kidogo Kidogo donates a mobile phone, 5000 Tanzanian shillings of mobile credits and a SIM card to a woman without a one.

Why distribute cell phones when food, water, education and health care are more urgent?

For one thing, cell phones can have a big impact on all of those necessities and more. With a cell phone in hand, men and women in the developing world can make a secure banking transaction, monitor customer markets, track changing weather patterns for their crops, and receive health care reminders and updates. Plus basic functions, like the backlight and the calculator, can help women stay safe in the dark and business owners make quick calculations.

Think of how important your cell phone is to you. It’s the same for others all over the world.

So why give cell phones away? The purchase price of a cell phone (US$15 to US$21) is often too costly to pay upfront. But once the phone is purchased, most women have no trouble paying the small fee for mobile credits.

Buy a cell phone case (or two or three) and help women, like Asha, Pili and Moshi below, who could otherwise not afford it.

Don’t own an iPhone but still want to help? You can make a donation of $30 online to Kidogo Kidogo instead.

Kidogo Kidogo

Meet Asha: Asha owns a small business selling items like salt, sugar and vegetables to provide for herself and her three children. She uses her new phone to repay the small business loan she received to get her business off the ground. Mobile banking has allowed her to make payments at the push of a button without having to travel to meet loan officers in person. All of this extra time has allowed her to spend more time working and taking care of her children – things that really matter!


Kidogo Kidogo

Meet Pili: Pili’s job as a spinach farmer has allowed her to pay for her grandson’s education from primary school through university and onto his masters degree. She is so excited to have a phone that she can use to take orders and communicate with her customers. This new convenience will allow her to expand her business and provide for her other grandchildren. She also now has an easy and reliable way to communicate with her grandson- what a loving grandma!


Kidogo Kidogo

Meet Moshi: Moshi, a mother of 6, has plenty of mouths to feed. Fortunately, both she and her husband are successful farmers, working hard to pay school fees for each of their children. She owned a phone in the past but the battery broke and she could not afford to get it fixed with the other bills she needs to pay. Now that she has a new one, she can grow her business and ensure that all of her children get to stay enrolled in school.

Want to help give more women in Africa access to cell phones and all of the services they provide? Visit to shop their products and learn more about what they do. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @kidogo_kidogo and on Pinterest and Facebook as kidogo kidogo.