Tax Day fun and games

Doing your taxes is certainly no fun, but finding out that a tiny portion of my tax dollars went to save hundreds of lives makes the whole process a lot more rewarding.

Use ONE’s Tax Calculator to help you figure out what exactly your tax money is spent on. By simply entering your annual household income, the tool calculates how much you spent in taxes and how much of that money went to foreign assistance, national defense, interest on US debt, health, Medicare, unemployment, social security and other programs.

Once you know how much of your tax money goes towards foreign assistance (which accounts for less than 1 percent of the federal budget) you can see exactly what that money buys in terms of HIV treatments, life-saving vaccines and bed nets.

Here’s a few more interesting things to know:

1. The vast majority of Americans think we spend 28 percent of the federal budget on foreign aid programs. It’s actually more like 1 percent!
tax calculator 1%

2. For the price of 20 Starbucks Grande Lattes (at $4.30 a pop), you can provide 48 life-saving vaccines.
tax calculator $84 copy

3. A tiny portion of your tax dollars can make such a big difference on someone’s life. Find out how many life-saving days you were responsible for.
tax calculator 211

Once you’ve used the handy dandy calculator, make sure to sign our petition asking Congress to increase PEPFAR funding – and protect life-saving programs that fight global poverty – in the FY15 budget.