Americans: Tell Congress to keep up the fight against AIDS!

US-funded programs like PEPFAR allow mothers like this one to give birth to happy, healthy babies HIV-free. Shouldn’t Congress keep supporting them? Photo credit: Sarah Day Smith / PEPFAR

Want to hear something shocking?

One of our biggest programs to fight AIDS – the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) hasn’t seen an increase in funding – even a teeny tiny one – for half a decade. But this same program has helped 1 million babies be born HIV-free. And put 6.7 million people on AIDS treatment.

Let’s get this program the funding that it deserves. Tell Congress to commit to the fight against AIDS in next year’s budget.

The petition reads:

Dear Congress,

Please increase PEPFAR funding – and protect life-saving programs that fight global poverty – in the FY15 budget. Why? Because this bipartisan program has saved millions of lives, and without it, the beginning of the end of AIDS will be pushed out of reach.

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Why is your voice so important right now? Because Congress is holding meetings this very week on what to fund and just how much to fund it in next year’s budget. And we need to make sure that our members of Congress know that when they stand up to support an increase in PEPFAR funding, we’ll have their back.

If this program doesn’t see a bump in funds, millions of people who are waiting for treatment and prevention services – moms, dads, kids – could lose their chance to get it.

We’ve made huge progress. We can’t turn back on it now.

Add your name and we’ll deliver it directly to Congress soon.

Thanks so much for your support.